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My Favorite Purple Shampoo

September 14, 2017

I am in love with Pravana's Perfect Blonde line. The shampoo, the conditioner, the mask, and the leave-in spray. 

Let's start with the shampoo. First, it gives a really good lather. I've noticed that with other purple shampoos, I have to use A LOT of product to really get it to work up some suds and to lather it all the way down to the ends. Not with this shampoo. It gets really bubbly and is still truly purple! It has lots of purple pigment so as it bubbles up, it keeps the dark purple tones and that helps me know that it really does tone my hair. And do you notice that some purple shampoos can make your hair feel even stiffer? Bleached hair is already dry and why would you want your hair to feel like hay just so that it holds up the color? I will say it again - not with this shampoo! My hair is still soft and it feels clean! Following it up with the conditioner adds more silkiness and shine, which bleached blonde hair lacks! The conditioner saves my hair after it's been highlighted and balayaged over and over again! It also contains purple pigment to continue to keep up with that beautiful blonde hair!

I have a love - hate relationship with products. Too much of it drags my hair and makes it feel oily quicker, resulting in having to wash my hair more often. And then no product makes my hair lifeless! My reason for loving the leave-in spray conditioner is that it is ONE product that does it all for me. It detangles, conditions, reduces frizz, protects it from high heat, and more! I use it every time I wash my hair and it always delivers greatness!

Lastly, there is the purple toning mask. Once my toner has started fading and I start to see yellow, I throw this on for about 5-10 minutes and I'm good as new again! Yes! It is a TONING mask! You're always being thrown purple shampoo but that can only help so much. This mask will help maintain that ashy, silvery, bright blonde tone! And with it being a mask, it also deep conditions and nourishes your dry, fragile hair! 

So if you ask me what products should you use now that you're blonde, these are my favorite products to recommend. I use them myself so I know that I love these products! Did I mention that they're vegan?! Not that I plan on eating it but I know my hair has the best ingredients and is not being treated with harsh chemicals!